Thin Clients: HP 





With the old HP thin client range the labels carry various numbers. There are two of interest to us:

  1. The one beginning with a lowercase 't'.
  2. The one beginning 'HSTNC-'

The 't' number, usually qualified by amount of RAM and flash fitted (and sometimes OS) tells us exactly what it is. (There are sometimes variations depending on the default OS). More details on this can be found under the Models tab.

The 'HSTNC-' number, a.k.a. 'Regulatory Model', identifies the base hardware - fundamentally the enclosure and motherboard. It tells us nothing about the amount of flash or RAM fitted as standard nor exactly what CPU is fitted.

For example:

  • a t5730 is almost certainly has a 1GHz AMD Sempron 2100+ CPU and comes with 1GB of flash and 1GB of RAM.
  • A HSTNC-012-TC will have a VIA Eden CPU, but it may be

In the naming scheme the basic hardware is HSTNC-XXX-TC.

HSTNC-001L-TCt5720, t5725
HSTNC-002L-TCt5135, t5530
HSTNC-004-TCt5145, t5540, t5545, t5630
HSTNC-005-TCgt7720, gt7725
HSTNC-006-TCt5740, t5745, st5742
HSTNC-009-TCt100, t150
HSTNC-012-TCt510, t5570. t5550, t5565, t5570e, t5565z


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