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Александр Чернышев sent me this link to a Russian website where he has published an article entitled: "HP Thin Client as a home router and file server". (At least that is how Google translates it). It's in Russian but I found that Google translate rendered a reasonably readable English version. (One can forgive words like 'hardware' being translated as 'iron').

The article concentrates on the software configuration. The chosen operating system is CentOS 7.

t610 disk drive support
In September 2018 Steve sent me a link to the design for a support bracket to let you easily install a hard drive in a t610. All you need are the files from the site and a 3D printer.....

(3D design created by Michal Houdek).

t610 file server
In August 2019 I heard from Alexander who had set up a t610 PLUS as a home server. Photographs and the description of how he assembled it can be found here. It is in Russian but, as always, Google translate does a good job to help us poor souls with limited linguistic skills.

t610 experiments In April 2020 I heard from R1BNC who had recently acquired a t610 and had various plans for it. These are/will be documented on his website:


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