HP t610: Windows 





NB: There is an issue with the amount of Memory available to the OS depending on the size of the Video buffer. See the section Missing Memory under the Firmware tab.

I have four examples here:

  • Ken installed his own version of Windows 7 Ultimate. more ...
  • David Lagrange used the embedded version (WES7P) that came with the t610. more ...
  • Jeff Witty installed Windows 10 on an upgraded t610 Plus using a customised installer. more ...
  • Andrew installed Windows 10 on the t610 using the standard installer. more ...

Ken installed Windows 7 Ultimate x86 onto the t610....

"It did install on the internal 16gb flash drive, but not with much room left, so I just plugged in regular mechanical laptop 80gb sata drive into the available socket and everything seems to work very well. It boots up and starts/runs windows like a regular desktop. It will do well for my dedicated application."

For the Windows 7 drivers Ken downloaded and added:

  • usb3.0 driver: Texas Instruments USB 3.0 xHCI Controller [Dead link removed July 2017]
  • audio driver: 32bits Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1 Driver only (Executable file), R2.75
  • ethernet driver: Version [Dead broadcom link removed December 2016]

Later he tried Windows 7 Ultimate X64....

"I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 without any issues. The audio drivers were not needed for x64, the x64 usb3 drivers were the same as the x86 version, and the x64 Broadcom ethernet drivers were on the same page as the x86 drivers. Performance is faster. Also, I installed a surplus 80gb PNY SATA II SSD without any issues, and again performance is much improved, booting in half the time.

My thanks to Ken for the information. Ken can be reached via his website:


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