Wyse 3290/3030: Firmware 





On power-up the DEL key takes you into the BIOS. If you're prompted for a password the old Wyse password of Fireport still works on these modern thin clients.

The early (2014) version BIOS identified itself as:

WYSE Dell Wyse Thin Client Desktop 3290/Dell Wyse Thin Client Desktop 3290, BIOS 1.0B 07/11/2014

whilst the later 3030LT

WYSE Dell Wyse Thin Client Desktop 3030 LT/007MXD, BIOS 1.0C 07/25/2016

Putting the Service Tag for the 3030 LT into the Dell Support web site showed that it was still in (basic) warranty and been shipped running the 'ThinLinux' operating system.

At the time of writing (November 2019) the 'Drivers and Downloads' tab on the Wyse support site showed:

  • For 'ThinLinux' a few updates to the operating system but no BIOS updates.
  • For 'ThinOS' did show a BIOS update (V8.6_024, 11th June 2019).
  • For 'WES7', no explicit BIOS updates but 10GB download of the WES7 OS (dated Apr 2019). Delving into that it looks like it might include '_WY_Bios Version 1.0Q'


With a 4GB SanDisk Cruzer pen drive plugged the Boot Tab listed:

  1. USB HDD: SanDisk Cruzer Blade
  2. eMMc Card0: Hynix H4G2a 4GB
  3. PXE LAN: Realtek PXE B01 D00
  4. USB CD-ROM:

Any pendrives you have plugged in will appear under the USB HDD entry provided you have gone to the Advanced tab and set the option Boot from USB to 'Enabled'.

You can also bring up a one-time boot menu without fiddling with the BIOS settings:

  • Plug in the USB key to the 3030.
  • Press the power button to power it on.
  • Press and hold the P key on the keyboard.

This brings up the Boot Menu. In my case it showed:

  1. USB HDD: SanDisk Cruzer Blade
  2. eMMC Card0:Hynix H4G2a 4GB
  3. PXE LAN:Realtek PXE B01 D00

The cursor up and cursor down keys let you pick what you want to boot.

The Tab key switches you between the Boot menu and the App menu. In my case there is just one entry in the App menu - Setup - which is the standard BIOS Setup utility.

System Firmware

My 3030 LT was originally running ThinLinux.

My 3290 came without an SSD, but would have been running WES7.


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