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There are several examples here of what people have done with their t610.

In January 2018 I heard from Attila in Hungary who was running Windows on his t610 and using it in conjunction with a smart TV. He also came up with an ingenious solution in how to provide extra (silent) cooling. more...

In January 2019 I heard from John in Cheshire who had a multimedia setup. more...

In October 2019 I heard from Jeff Witty in Canada who had expanded his t610 Plus more...

In May 2020 I heard from Simon who had set up a 'Zoom' Video Conferencing system for 94-year old to use during the Covid-19 lockdown. more...

Portable(ish) Tech Workstation

Jeff Witty works as a 'tech' in the IT industry and is also a self-confessed 'hardware nut' in his spare time. At work the standard issue IT kit for techs were cheap phone-sized 16GB Win 7 tablets which he personally found to be slow and restrictive. (They've recently been upgraded to 10" tablets which are still not ideal in his view). Early on he came across a t610 plus that had been robbed of its Flash and RAM and retired to a dark corner of a storeroom. This was the start of his upgrade path...

I had a 7 inch touchscreen I had planned on using to make a handheld retro system (but i got a pi zero-w to mess with instead), some 2GB DDR3 SODIMMs, and an old 60GB SATA 5400rpm disk drive. So I started using it. I had to plug it in, but there were sockets everywhere. It was a lot faster than the tablets and I started adding to it.

Over time the t610 Plus has metamorphosed into:

  • AMD T56N APU (@1661MHz)
  • 2 x 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (16GB @ 1661MHz)
  • PCI-e 1x: Mini 1x RAID card
  • PCI-e 4x: Geoforce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB low profile (Stripped down for space)
  • USB: Nano AC Wifi/bluetooth 'stick'
  • Internal Storage:
    • On Board SATA sockets: 2 x 1TB Samsung Evo 860s in a Win 10 Software Raid 0.
    • RAID card SATA: 2 x 1TB Samsung Evo 860s in RAID 0.
    Note: The Samsung Evo 860s have had their external 2.5" housings removed.
  • Cooling: 5x 'silent' 20mm fans (3 intake, 2 exhaust).
  • Monitor: 7 inch 1280x720 HD touch screen 60Hz
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1903

He adds:

The GPU is 100% bottlenecked by the APU but it seemed the best pick over a GTX 1650. (This might have bottlenecked the cpu, the T56N is impressive).

  • I play Path of exile & Skyrim @ 60fps
  • It runs Cataclysm Dark Days & Dwarf Fortress Ahead perfectly
  • I use ICE to edit WIM's easily and quickly
  • I create embedded OS and PE images regularly
  • I have had no driver or update issues

Although windows 10 works well, and so does windows update, I had to get some drivers manually as the standard install didn't like the default wifi/lan/video and some chipset(?) stuff.

You will find the Windows 10 installation notes under the Windows Tab.


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