HP t610: Using 





There are several examples here of what people have done with their t610.

In January 2018 I heard from Attila in Hungary who was running Windows on his t610 and using it in conjunction with a smart TV. He also came up with an ingenious solution in how to provide extra (silent) cooling. more...

In January 2019 I heard from John in Cheshire who had a multimedia setup. more...

In October 2019 I heard from Jeff Witty in Canada who had expanded his t610 Plus more...

In May 2020 I heard from Simon who had set up a 'Zoom' Video Conferencing system for 94-year old to use during the Covid-19 lockdown. more...

Video Conferencing

t510 setup for Zoom In May 2020 I heard from Simon who, driven by the circumstances of the Covid-19 lockdown, had used a t510 to set up a Zoom Remote call machine for a 94 year old.

The system was based on:

  • Windows 10 pro
  • 128GB SSD
  • 8gb ram
  • USB webcam
  • WiFi adapter
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Chrome remote

He also included details of yet another way of fitting an SSD to the t510 which you can find here.


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